Thursday, March 1, 2012

Becoming an adult in 6 weeks

Well, it's official:  6 weeks left to go!  It's hard to believe how fast the time has gone by.  I have learned and experienced so much over the past 2.5 months and in 1.5, I'll be forced out into that thing everyone calls the "real world."  With that said, I've been doing some job searching and, naturally, freaking out a bit with all that entails (Many thanks to those of you trying to keep me sane during this process!).  But more on that later ;)  In less stressful news, I have decided on a final project to work on over the next few weeks!  I'll be working with the Marketing Coordinator to evaluate & improve Operation Health, H3's employee health program.  I'm very excited about working on this since many of the jobs I'm looking into deal with corporate wellness.

The past few weeks have been jam packed:  Ginna, one of my best buds, came to visit, then I had a visit from my parents, we celebrated Fat Tuesday, had an awesome weekend with the lovely Lauren Spires in Charleston, and this week the other interns and I painted at a local studio and we are planning a bachelorette party for this weekend.  It was so awesome seeing my friends and family.  Mardi Gras was a much-needed event -- we decided to get off the plantation, let our hair down, and celebrate in Fat Tuesday style.  My trip to Charleston last weekend was a bit of a last-minute one, but so worth it.  Lauren and I had a long-overdue reunion and I was more than ready to get off the island and just let down.  I was so glad to just spend some time with her and enjoy good food and drinks.  How lucky I was to find Lauren all those years ago on Craigslist! Glad she didn't turn out to the be Craigslist killer ;)  We tried out a restaurant called Black Bean Co., which further ignited my dream of someday owning a vegan restaurant.  We also ate at Triangle, one of Lauren's favorites.  It's easy to see why -- check out my veggie burger and sweet potato fries (with apple butter!).  I also got to meet some of Lauren's Charleston friends, including the lucky man in her life-- shout out to Dana, my new favorite person!

The lovely Ginna Goode & me
Me with my parents atop the HHI lighthouse
Mardi Gras goodies
Reunited with my bestie!
Vegan cupcake from Black Bean Co.
Making veganism sexy -- one veggie burger at a time!
My finished mermaid from Artist Uncorked, a BYO painting studio

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