Friday, March 2, 2012

My Vision

This week, there was a lecture offered called "Re-inventing Yourself." Of course I planned to go -- I've been making a lot of realizations this week so what do I have to lose by doing a little more soul-searching?

We started by brainstorming how we want to feel about different aspects & relationships in our lives and then cut out pictures and words from magazines that capture those feelings. It's basically a media portrayal of my vision statement I made a few weeks ago. As if I haven't said it enough, I feel like 2012 is really my year to be the best me possible and it's also a year of big transitions, so my board definitely reflects that.
Are you on the right course? Don't ignore the signs. "I know it's hard to reconciled. Not everything is exactly the way it ought to be. But please turn around & step into the future. Leave memories behind & enter the land of hope." (Zbigniew Herbert) Sound mind, sound body. I realized today is the day I write my own story.  The movement ignites hearts and inspires emotion. Finding peace in a frantic world. An orchid in full bloom. Your fittest year.  The new me.

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