Sunday, June 17, 2012

4 weddings & a funeral

Ok, not really. But the past few weeks have been a whirlwind of life events. And by few weeks, I kinda mean months.  This particular post has been in the works since 5/25/12, or so Blogger tells me.

First things first:

Masters, baby.
We did it!  I waited until the very last minute to prepare my practicum presentation (and by last minute, I mean I didn't start until the wee hours of the morning the night before my presentation and 30 minutes prior the my presentation I was printing off materials for my binder. #oops), passed my presentation with flying colors, and was hooded for all to see as a Master of Public Health.  The past 2 years were pretty brutal.  While I'm glad to see my school career come to an end, it's somewhat bittersweet that I will never again be a student.  Tear.

And just what did we do to celebrate this momentous occasion?  Hit up Myrtle Beach and act like we've never before been in public!  We were delirious enough and in such need of a break, that a trip to the "Dirty Myrtle" was the only logical solution.
When in Myrtle, act like a typical tourist.
It was such a fun trip and definitely the break we needed (and deserved!).  Fast forward a few days and add back the stress I successfully rid myself of at the beach, and you've got the whirlwind last-minute preparations for this girl's wedding:

Putting together programs...about an hour before the ceremony!

Kimber and I were freshman year roommates and I was so honored when she asked me to be her MOH.  Over the course of the few days before her wedding, we essentially lived in Wal-Mart, Hobby Lobby, and Michael's, and the stress probably took a few years of our lives (more likely mine -- somehow I was more worried and uptight about the details than the bride herself!).  Nonetheless, a wedding happened and it was beautiful.

AND THEN I got another much-needed break -- at home this time.  The wedding was the culminating event and afterwards, I was able to finally get home, get back to applying for jobs, and settle in with nothing substantial to do...which was both a blessing and a curse (more to come on that, don't worry).  More enjoyable photos below...and the next post is underway, stay tuned!


Proud parents -- no more tuition!

A comedic assortment of munchies while waiting for our suite to  be ready.

Group pic before our night out in Myrtle.

Token photo from the bachelorette party.  I think one is enough ;)
Beautiful bride!

The wedding programs we worked so hard on.

Time to party! DJ Kool Aid wasn't doin it for me, so I naturally took matters into my own hands!

The bride & I boogying down.

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