Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Glass Half Empty

On the way to the beach walk this morning, one of the guests asked me "Julia, have you ever seen a glass half empty?" At first, I thought she was referring to some sort of tourist site or alcoholic concoction, until I realized she was referring the fact that everyone was complaining but me.

This is going to be laughable to Phillip, who thinks I complain every waking hour, but it forced me to realize how much our attitude affects others. Yes, I was dog tired & freezing my butt off, but creating an enjoyable experience for paying customers and finding the positive aspects in everything was far more important.

To make everyday enjoyable, you have to find the positives & little moments of joy in every situation. Being cold for half an hour was nothing compared to being able to take in the morning sunrise over the ocean. There are so many worse positions to be in. When things aren't just the way we want, it's easy to get caught up in negative talk, but negative talk makes a negative life. So today, is your glass full or half empty?

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  1. I'm a top notch whiner, but I've been trying lately to incorporate more mindfulness and intention into what I do. Even though I anticipate something really sucking, I try to think through how it will be if it is really awesome and just intend to be happy about it, even if I'm not.
    I've also noticed that a good attitude has a positive effect on how other people see me, which is important for me to remember because otherwise I'm fine just wallowing in my snarky criticisms of the world.