Tuesday, January 17, 2012

3 weeks down, 13 to go

Lots of things keeping me busy this past week!  I started my 2-week rotation in the fitness department.  In addition to teaching my first class, I was given a few projects to help out on and a checklist of things to complete.  I thought my first class went really well -- I was a little nervous because treading was a new thing to me and of course the sound system was being uncooperative.  I always say that I'm the kind of person that, if something can happen it will happen to me.  I got a few groans and complaints and overall resistance from the class, so I'm assuming it was hard and I was doing my job.  The guests here need a good mix of push and comfort.  I taught my second treading class today (to a full house!) and I had a guest tell me it was the best one of the 5 he's attended so far!  I didn't think my first class was too bad, but this one was definitely a better experience.  I also led ULTRA Circuit last week, which is a circuit training class in which guests spend 2 minutes in the strength room and 2 minutes in the cardio room and continue that way for 40 minutes.  Usually the class is packed and high-energy, but last week's class was very small.  Keep your fingers crossed for a bigger class this week!

The checklist I have to complete includes tasks like observing personal training sessions, health habit reviews, and make an exercise prescription for someone (I made mine for my loving mom!)  The health habit review is a guest's first meeting with their coach and they go over their screening results, what brought them to H3, and what their challenges and motivations are.  I've also been doing research on some new technology and equipment for the facility and learning the inner workings of the company.

I also have become aware that my newly adopted habits have been affecting some of those I love and I LOVE IT! I've been getting frequent messages and shoutouts about a new vegetarian meal someone tried, curiosity about a vegan diet, and increased interest or adherence to exercise. I said I would never be an in-your-face vegan & I'm not. But I'm beyond excited that I'm raising curiosity & rubbing off on people. I'm more than willing to be a model for a healthy lifestyle if it means those I care about will jump on board. Now, I know it's not for everyone. Some roll their eyes & some think it's dumb. I, too, was a skeptic once. However, I won't apologize for being concerned about what goes into my body because someone else thinks it's silly.

In closing, here's my favorite photo I've taken since I've been here. I took it this morning on the beach. To me, it says, "I'm welcoming and accepting of this day and all it has to offer. Make the best of it."

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